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Swarovski - Gemstone - Vintage

Frequently Asked Questions:

QUESTION: Do You Accept Returns for Refunds or Exchanges?

ANSWER: No. All Sales Are Final. No Exceptions. We are Not Responsible for "buyer's remorse".

QUESTION: Can I cancel my order.

ANSWER: Once an Order is Received, Processing and Shipping are Computer Generated. Therefore Orders Cannot Be Cancelled

QUESTION: What if My Rosary Arrives Damaged?

ANSWER: We are not responsible for rosaries that are damaged in the shipping process. Your Rosary is Insured through the USPS. If your rosary arrives damaged, you must file a claim with the US Post Office.and submit the original packaging as evidence along with your damaged rosary.

If you accidentally break your rosary, email us if you want us to repair it. All repairs are free providing there are no missing parts. The shipping fees are your responsibility. OR You can bring your rosary to a local jeweler for repair.

QUESTION: How Do I Care For My Sterling Silver Rosary?

ANSWER: Sterling Silver Rosaries tarnish when exposed to light for long periods of time. Store your rosary in a plastic, zip lock bag or Rosary box.

To clean your Rosary purchase a liquid silver cleaner and follow the instructions.

Rinse. Drizzle a little Dawn Liquid Dishwashing Soap into a cup of warm water and swish your Rosary in this solution. Rinse well. Dry flat on paper towels.

Do Not Immerse Your Freshwater Pearl Rosary In A Silver Cleaning Solution. Simply Wipe Them With A Clean, Damp, Soft Cloth. Polish The Sterling Crucifix and Centerpiece By Gently Rubbing Them With A Soft Cloth Like A Piece Of Flannel

NOTE: Keep Your Rosary In A Rosary Case. Do Not Place Them Loosely In Your Purse. Why? Because When You Pull Your Rosary Out Of Your Purse, It May Catch On Other Objects Which Will Cause The Eye Pin To Open.

Also, Your Rosary Is A Sacramental. Do Not Give Them To Your Child or Grandchild To Play With. Rosaries Are NOT toys.